We’re Giant Margarita

We’re an indie game development company based in Tasmania, Australia and we’ve developed and published three full games across multiple platforms with a fourth in Steam Early Access. We’re all passionate game developers that are always looking for ways to reach larger audiences across the world!

Our Games 

Party Poppers

The newest addition to the Party series


Party Poppers follows in the footsteps of Party Golf and Party Crashers but with the brand new adorable Poppers with the same incredible customisation options and crazy competitive couch gameplay you know and love. There's a game mode for everyone in this fast paced platformer that is sure to bring a party to wherever you play!


Party Crashers

Arcade combat racing meets Party Golf


Party Crashers is an arcade combat racer, featuring fast-paced last-car-standing gameplay, with a huge array of customisation options to allow players to create their own style of play.

Following in the footsteps of Party Golf, the game has a deep customisation system that allows everything about "normal" gameplay to be changed so players can create whatever style of gameplay they like the most!


Party Golf

Less Golf, More Party


Party Golf is a couchplay, 2D golf game for PS4 and Steam. Up to 8 people grab a controller, and the first one in the hole wins. Simple right? Well, Party Golf also allows players to customize almost every aspect of the game, resulting in a trillion trillion trillion different combinations. Every level is procedurally generated, and every hole is a new opportunity to customize your game, and try out one of over 300 unique game options.