Ian and Kristy with the Party Golf set up at PAX East in Boston

After flying for more hours than should be allowed, Ian and Kristy have landed in Boston where they’re showing Party Golf! We’re super lucky to be part of the PAX Aus Roadshow, and excited to once again see the screams of joy from new players as they discover all Party Golf has to offer.

TODAY IS THE DAY! Giant Margarita’s Party Golf Kickstarter campaign is live!!

We’ve had a great response to the PC version of Party Golf, and now we’re shooting for the stars and going for a console version in 2016!

We’ve been working really hard to get this ready, and there are some really great rewards for helping us out – including merch and opportunities to decide what goes in the game! smile emoticon

Please take a look, back us if you are able, and please feel free to share us as widely as you can!

Click here to check out the Kickstarter!

Love and Hugs, Giant Margarita 🙂 xx

I know we haven’t been blogging about #TasJam so far, simply because we have been so flat out working. I could write a thesis on the Microphone code I was trying to write (I’m sure I will link to a future angry-worded-at-Unity blog post about here), but I won’t. Instead its time for a status update!

I left around 9pm last night, while the other worker bees worked hard into the night (I’m told they finished up around 3am). Now I’m back here in the Typewriter Factory as the only person awake and programming (on a VERY clacky mechanical keyboard) aside from one poor volunteer/participant who appears extremely tired.

A quick look at our SVN log at what’s happened while I’m away scares me a little. Some good work has been done but the last commit says “Things explode”. And it’s from Ian. And it’s from 3am. This either means our game has explosions or our game has exploded. I’m willing to bet it means the latter.

I’m gonna crack on with some visual style code to really make our game pop. Since this visual style hasn’t been added up until now I’m gonna leave you all with the most work-in-progress screenshot I can give you.

6am screenie




After a quick 5am-9am nap, the MVP of the games jam Kristy (highest blog post count, most caring/supportive, most food provided) made dinosaur toasties OMG



Heading into the final stretched we ALMOST have a game. It will be a marathon effort but with this to fuel me, we might just get a kick ass game 😀

Following the success of our first in-house games jam, Giant Margarita are going to be beginning their next games jam tomorrow (Friday 24th).

This time around, we are going to be live-blogging the process as much as our over-tired brains will allow us, and its all going to be happening right here on giantmargarita.com!

So starting tomorrow @ 4pm AEST keep refreshing this blog to follow the progress of the games jam including screenshots as the game progresses, some pictures of zombie-like developers, and probably a whole heap of expletives.

There’s been a bit of radio silence on the Giant Margarita blog since we released Save the Teenies, but let us assure you this is only because behind the scenes we have been active on some really exciting new things to come!

Recently the wonderful people at Brus Media approached us to be the first interviewees in a series of articles featuring opinions from mobile developers on the challenges of marketing and creating awesome mobile apps. We were really chuffed to get to tell some of our story, and the article is online now at the Brus Media blog, so take a look!

In order to keep the article snappy, they didn’t show our responses to the question “What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced when launching your first mobile app?” So I’ve posted our bonus answers after the cut 🙂

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Yesterday, Save the Teenies moved on from its Alpha test phase to the Beta test phase. The beta will run for about a month until we release, so theres still time to sign up to be a beta tester and see if you can break the game (or you know, provide constructive feedback and new ideas for how to make it EVEN MORE awesome!).

Testing has being going strong so far, and noone has managed to break the game yet (with the exception of old unsupported devices simply not starting due to their hardware). We”re excited by the initial tester feedback which indicate the that the game is fun (queue the celebratory music), with some testers mentioning how the challenges that we spent so long implementing and the levels that were so intricately designed have really challenged them. One goal was that most nederlandsegokken online casino levels can be completed to 1 star with relative ease, yet 3 stars being much more difficult. Initial results indicate we are achieving this, but we look forward to examining the analytics data to see if certain levels stick out as too difficult. A few issues to do with intuitiveness of- and finding of- features have cropped up just like any Beta test should (after all we have been staring at the generally the same UI for about a year now), and there are still many challenges to fix this up before final release.

All of our testers get a spot in our (awesome) credits screen, and we thank each and every one of your for not only your interest, but also for devoting even a small part of your time to playing our game 🙂

Following up from our last post about crunch time, we are happy to announce that Save the Teenies has been accepted as a main entrant in The 17th Annual Independent Games Festival!

It was a tough week getting the game ready for the judges, but we look forward to the useful and insightful feedback they should provide.

You can check out our entry page, as well as our strong competition at the IGF website.

For now though, we are back into crunch mode trying to get the game ready for beta testing. If you would like to be part of this process why not shoot us an email or sign up for updates on the Save the Teenies landing page. We want to release a polished and well-tested product onto the Play Store, and to do so will need as many testers as we can!

Crunch time brings out the best and worst in developers, and this certainly holds true for us at Giant Margarita. While we have our main timeline’s deadline a few weeks away before we hit beta, a more immediate deadline to submit to the Indie Games Festival has just been.

I’m still in wind-down mode (before winding back up toward our next milestone) so sadly this post will be as short as my last, but given the events of the last few days I felt it worthy of a blog post. I guess since people blog about anything these days being “worthy” of a blog post doesn’t mean all that much–but to us, the last few days have seen the Teenies game take great strides toward our vision of what the released game should be like. And all under the pressure of crunch time.

Amidst an environment of moans, groans, muttering, and more swears than a Martin Scorsese film, (the worst of us) a number of bugs and problems that had been hounding us for months (and even years) finally resolved themselves, and little dances of running around the room flailing arms took place (the best of us). As if the fact these things were resolved in the dying hours before submission wasn’t ridiculous enough, the way in which some were fixed just compound things (a rollercoaster ride of emotion, I thought this would be the last of us).Continue reading

As the resident “person who knows how to make the internet do the things with the stuff” at Giant Margarita, it is my honour to write the very first post on the blog. Welcome!

We hope to use the blog to keep you all up to date on the latest on our games, as well as to share some of our stories and tips that come about from the development process.

We have been working on Save the Teenies for some time now and looking back it feels a shame that a lot online casino of the stories and many lessons learned will go undocumented. Looking forward however, it is an exciting prospect to try and share the new things that will come up in the future.

But for now I must stop blogging and get back to writing the tutorial system for Teenies so that it”s not just Ian who knows how to play our game!