That’s it!  Giant Margarita’s anniversary games jam is done, and Baggage Handler is the result 🙂


It’s done, in so far as we have a playable game, with lots of modifiers – woo!!  There’s still room for more work to be done to clean things up, and add bits and pieces, but that’s enough for now 🙂

This is our final consolidation and player testing photo.  Notice the blank screen as we blew out Lindsay’s machine…Oooops 😉

20150726_163310 20150726_172702

Anywho…It’s going to be released first on the Ouya, then other consoles so keep an eye out for it soon 🙂 It’s one of three products we’re going to take to Tassie’s Festival of Bright Ideas in August, as well as PAX in Melbourne in October – so come along and play with us at one of those, or any where else we happen to be spruiking for play testers 😉

It’s been a long weekend, so now we’re all off the the pub!

Thanks for following (and thanks Tristan for playtesting)!


Giant Margarita, out xx

Only four more hours to go…

You can start to feel the stress in the room building up, a few more swear words, and threats to the gods of Unity slipping out 😉

They’re powering through though, with Ian doing the interactions of the baggage cart, Ben is drawing icons, Aran is on music, and Adam is cleaning up the title screen.  Lindsay is working on skid marks that appear when you turn corners….zoooooom 🙂

20150726_124157 20150726_124211

20150726_124222 20150726_124228


Also, Fuzzbutt is still going strong, and just doing a little network admin for us 😉

20150726_100835 20150726_100843


So, as it turns out they weren’t all taken by zombies, but these faces could be mistaken for a zombie walk 😉


So where are we up to now?  It’s our last day of jammin’, so it’s the day we put all the bits together, and make as many variations as possible :).

Last night we developed a new and improved UI, as we wanted it to be better styled for the game and have a consistent airport theme.   Oooops, I said it!  Airport! 😉

Yep, it’s a game set in an airport, an it’s called…da da daaaaahhhh…



How cool is that?! 😉  It’s a multiplayer competitive game about riding around on a baggage cart, picking up and delivering luggage as fast as possible, while avoiding random passengers, incoming planes, and all your other baggage-stealing foes 🙂

So, right now we’re working on bouncing baggage, dealing with the long chains of baggage carts, implementing sound, completing VFX, and making UI icons 🙂


Twas the second morn of games jam, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

20150726_064237 20150726_064259


We have a secret visitor…Kingus!

He bought us provisions of sugar snakes and whizfizz 🙂  But given the super secret nature of our work (apart from the number of photos I”ve posted ;)) we made him sign a “NDA” 😉  It”s soooper official 😉

20150725_175425 20150725_175502


He”s going to do a visitor blog, so here he is….


After an absolutely unproductive day where the my highest achievement has been completing 2001″s “Wet Hot American Summer” I decided to see first hand what real productivity looks like.

Although I can not share any details about the game itself I can give you an overview of the atmosphere here at Giant Margarita”s Game Central.

First of all the smell is surprisingly OK beste online casino for a bunch of people who have only had time for ingesting, digesting and furiously generating the components for their next hit.

The fundamentals of the game are done and so the main focus at the moment is creating objects. No doubt tomorrow will involve furiously tying all these together and adding the last spit and polish to make their creation into a user serviceable barrel of fun.

The good news is the team is working well together and no giant fights have broken out, apart from SVN commits being frustratingly slow over a non-NBN connection.

Personally I am excited about the concept. Like party golf I can tell this is going to be another fun and very shouty team game.

Signing out,


How do I make this internety thing do the posting?..

Not quite there yet, but were’ nearly at 24 hours of games jammin’.  A lot has been done, and we’ve still got so much left to do, but all looks great for a strong finish and completed game by this time tomorrow 🙂

Time for a recap?

So far, we have the basic player movement, basic collectibles, a whole bunch of customisable options for the way the player works – just like Party Golf if you’ve seen the product of our last games jam 🙂  We also have lots of art assets like characters and models and even hairstyles 😉

Ian has taken a break from the coding right now, and is working instead on level design.  He’s doing that so we have a first example of the process so that others can then take on that task and complete the rest of them.


We have done lots of tech, but not much finalised yet 🙂  But it’s getting there 🙂

On a super exciting note, Ben has made me a super cool customisation, that we’re going to use in a phase called “Boss mode’.  Cos I’m the boss and I like pink ;P20150725_135900

Mentally, we’re all tired  but still excited:)


Well, who knew??  Giant Margarita”s birthday just happens to coincide with International Tequila day 😀

According to the interwebs, this is the day to celebrate the sales and consuming of tequila, so who are we to argue??

While the boys do their super important coding stuff, I”m cracking casino online out the ol” margarita machine and getting things freezing 😉



Apparently, ways of celebrating International Tequila day include:

  • Hosting a sing-along party with friends;
  • Growing a blue agave plant in a pot of volcanic soil; or
  • Experimenting with friends by adding tequila to a variety of household kitchen ingredients!

What could possibly go wrong? 😉

With regards to progress: Ben is recreating a national icon, Ian is swearing incessantly; and Aran is ignoring the question 😉

Lots of other games jams are much more serious than ours.  Some involve lots and lots of teams working on individual projects as part of a competition, and some even involve travel between locations as part of the process – like Train Jam, which is a collection of developers traveling via train to GDC and creating games during the ~52 hours it takes to arrive in San Francisco from Chicago.

Ours is much smaller and much more informal.  But we like it that way for a few reasons.

Games jam for us, as mentioned in an earlier entry, is mainly about us getting out a product fast.  We’re not competing, we’re just working together to do something fun, and fast!

We’re a team at the University, but that involves a lot more serious work, and intermittent meetings to review progress.  Games jam lets us relax with each other, and work on the bits of games we just want to, and to spend some time together.

48 hours stuck in a house together might sounds like a nightmare for some , but because we’re all working on something we find fun, and we can spend time helping each other out, it goes by super fast.

It’s also helped us formulate more of a clearer idea about what we want to do when we grow up, and the direction we’d like to take Giant Margarita in.  Working solidly together, we now know that Ian and Lindsay just want to code as much as they can, and they’re really great at that.  Pair programming solidly for 48 hours is their bliss 🙂

Since we started our games jams, Aran has shone as our developer of beautiful backgrounds and environments.  They really look amazing and make the game come to life once they are all put together with the game play elements. So anytime we need pretty things designed, he’s our go-to 🙂  Weirdly he’s also figured out he’s into deadlines, as he works more creatively 🙂

Adam is in his element here at games jam.  He’s our social butterfly who loves working in groups, especially the talking aspect of generating ideas in our intensive group setting.  He’s Lindsay’s worst nightmare,  who just wants everyone to shut up 😉

Progress update: we have people running all over the screen using crowd simulation, Adam and Aran have rudimentary animation up and going and Lindsay is about to crash into sleep after successfully finishing his conveyor belts.

Ian just woke up, so we’ll check in with him next 🙂




6.15am and its on to conveyer belts 🙂

20150725_065226 20150725_065248

Lindsay and Adam are still going strong, working on 2D vertext manipulation to emulate 3D shapes.  It’s never too early for maths! 🙂 Although things may have taken a turn for the worse, as we’re listening to NSYNC 😉

20150725_061112 20150725_061308

Ian is off having a wee nap to refresh his coding brain (and maybe to sleep off that Grappa? ;)), and Aran is tucked away some where under here…



On the supervision side, Fuzzbutt is still keeping an eye on proceedings.  No sleep for him either! 🙂

20150725_061608 20150725_061657