Party Golf Online Leaderboards

After an amazing 2 months in the wild, we decided it was time to let fans of Party Golf have some brand new content. Since Party Golf launched with dozens of trials, hundreds of customization options and limitless procedural generation, we decided that something a bit different was in order.

We’d been kicking around the idea of online support for Party Golf for a while now, but the various challenges of getting the game up to a high standard over the internet, whilst also staying true to our philosophy of couchplay first, we thought of something a bit different.

That’s where Online Leaderboards come in. As many of you know, Party Golf has a trials mode, where you can replay a certain set of holes with a certain powerup, ball shape etc. To encourage people to continually strive for better scores, we now list the global top 100 of all player’s scores for that course, along with your score relative to other players, and amongst your friends.

This is to incentivize players to try every trick in the book to try and get higher and higher up the leaderboards. What’s more, is that us the Giant Margarita devs will continue playing these trials, to assert our dominace, and try and remain at the top of the leaderboard. Whilst our Lead Designer Ian is a wizard at Party Golf, we know there are some people out there who can challenge him, and we would love for any challengers to step forth and show him how it’s done.

Online Leaderboards are available now for PC, and in the near future for PS4.