Party Golf Release Date and Trailer

There’s been radio silence here at Giant Margarita. But that is due to us working feverishly day and night to get Party Golf ready for launch. And that launch date for PS4 is…..

OCTOBER 4 2016!

Woohoo! After a Quality Assurance process with Sony, our release date is set in stone. Code-wise, Party Golf is is almost gold, with a few tweaks being prepared for our day one patch. We’ve prepared a truckload of marketing materials for the game, and I thought I’d share just a few with you right now.

Here are some fabulous gifs of the game in action:



And the main attraction, our launch trailer! We hope you enjoy. Remember, Party Golf is available for PS4 on October 4, 2016. Steam is coming straight after the PS4 release, before the end of the year.


Get ready to golf.