A 6am Check-In from #TasJam15

I know we haven’t been blogging about #TasJam so far, simply because we have been so flat out working. I could write a thesis on the Microphone code I was trying to write (I’m sure I will link to a future angry-worded-at-Unity blog post about here), but I won’t. Instead its time for a status update!

I left around 9pm last night, while the other worker bees worked hard into the night (I’m told they finished up around 3am). Now I’m back here in the Typewriter Factory as the only person awake and programming (on a VERY clacky mechanical keyboard) aside from one poor volunteer/participant who appears extremely tired.

A quick look at our SVN log at what’s happened while I’m away scares me a little. Some good work has been done but the last commit says “Things explode”. And it’s from Ian. And it’s from 3am. This either means our game has explosions or our game has exploded. I’m willing to bet it means the latter.

I’m gonna crack on with some visual style code to really make our game pop. Since this visual style hasn’t been added up until now I’m gonna leave you all with the most work-in-progress screenshot I can give you.

6am screenie