No zombies here (but the BIG reveal!!) :)

So, as it turns out they weren’t all taken by zombies, but these faces could be mistaken for a zombie walk 😉


So where are we up to now?  It’s our last day of jammin’, so it’s the day we put all the bits together, and make as many variations as possible :).

Last night we developed a new and improved UI, as we wanted it to be better styled for the game and have a consistent airport theme.   Oooops, I said it!  Airport! 😉

Yep, it’s a game set in an airport, an it’s called…da da daaaaahhhh…



How cool is that?! 😉  It’s a multiplayer competitive game about riding around on a baggage cart, picking up and delivering luggage as fast as possible, while avoiding random passengers, incoming planes, and all your other baggage-stealing foes 🙂

So, right now we’re working on bouncing baggage, dealing with the long chains of baggage carts, implementing sound, completing VFX, and making UI icons 🙂