3, 2, 1….And we’re done!

That’s it!  Giant Margarita’s anniversary games jam is done, and Baggage Handler is the result 🙂


It’s done, in so far as we have a playable game, with lots of modifiers – woo!!  There’s still room for more work to be done to clean things up, and add bits and pieces, but that’s enough for now 🙂

This is our final consolidation and player testing photo.  Notice the blank screen as we blew out Lindsay’s machine…Oooops 😉

20150726_163310 20150726_172702

Anywho…It’s going to be released first on the Ouya, then other consoles so keep an eye out for it soon 🙂 It’s one of three products we’re going to take to Tassie’s Festival of Bright Ideas in August, as well as PAX in Melbourne in October – so come along and play with us at one of those, or any where else we happen to be spruiking for play testers 😉

It’s been a long weekend, so now we’re all off the the pub!

Thanks for following (and thanks Tristan for playtesting)!


Giant Margarita, out xx