Jamazing Results 10 Hours In

The midnight hour crept quietly by as the team worked steadily (and at times hysterically) through towards our first gameplay testing session. Between the 8 and 9 hour mark, we had a mess of elements on the screen vying for attention. Colours and movement galore, but most importantly playing with the little bits of game that had been cobbled together so far.

Screenshot 2015-07-24 23.08.24

9 hours in

And then finally the great coders called us in for a full 4-man testing session. At the 10-hour mark, we have a “game”. Mechanics, rules, predictable behaviour, goals. The whole shebang. Nothing is nederlandsegokken online casino too good for our baby. At this point, we had a Snake-like game very much cleaned up from what we had even an hour ago. More controlled and measured, each player competes for items on the stage.  Even at this early stage, we were tweaking the game live using modifiers to find a good balance of hectic and fun.

10 hours in

We started the session with zippy movements, dashing every which way on the screen. Frequently, we overshot our marks as we jockeyed for position. As we experimented with what we had available though, we found that that speed should be tempered with some slow (and in some ways agonizing) controls. Creakily turning as you watch your opponent barrel full blast at the target built up some good tension for such an early build. So at last we had at least one fun variation on our hands.

Now as we roll closer to the 12 hour mark, team members are skulking off to find small shadows to nap in and recharge batteries.