International Tequila day!!

Well, who knew??  Giant Margarita”s birthday just happens to coincide with International Tequila day 😀

According to the interwebs, this is the day to celebrate the sales and consuming of tequila, so who are we to argue??

While the boys do their super important coding stuff, I”m cracking casino online out the ol” margarita machine and getting things freezing 😉



Apparently, ways of celebrating International Tequila day include:

  • Hosting a sing-along party with friends;
  • Growing a blue agave plant in a pot of volcanic soil; or
  • Experimenting with friends by adding tequila to a variety of household kitchen ingredients!

What could possibly go wrong? 😉

With regards to progress: Ben is recreating a national icon, Ian is swearing incessantly; and Aran is ignoring the question 😉