Coming up to 24 hours of Jammin’

Not quite there yet, but were’ nearly at 24 hours of games jammin’.  A lot has been done, and we’ve still got so much left to do, but all looks great for a strong finish and completed game by this time tomorrow 🙂

Time for a recap?

So far, we have the basic player movement, basic collectibles, a whole bunch of customisable options for the way the player works – just like Party Golf if you’ve seen the product of our last games jam 🙂  We also have lots of art assets like characters and models and even hairstyles 😉

Ian has taken a break from the coding right now, and is working instead on level design.  He’s doing that so we have a first example of the process so that others can then take on that task and complete the rest of them.


We have done lots of tech, but not much finalised yet 🙂  But it’s getting there 🙂

On a super exciting note, Ben has made me a super cool customisation, that we’re going to use in a phase called “Boss mode’.  Cos I’m the boss and I like pink ;P20150725_135900

Mentally, we’re all tired  but still excited:)