A visitor!

We have a secret visitor…Kingus!

He bought us provisions of sugar snakes and whizfizz 🙂  But given the super secret nature of our work (apart from the number of photos I”ve posted ;)) we made him sign a “NDA” 😉  It”s soooper official 😉

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He”s going to do a visitor blog, so here he is….


After an absolutely unproductive day where the my highest achievement has been completing 2001″s “Wet Hot American Summer” I decided to see first hand what real productivity looks like.

Although I can not share any details about the game itself I can give you an overview of the atmosphere here at Giant Margarita”s Game Central.

First of all the smell is surprisingly OK beste online casino for a bunch of people who have only had time for ingesting, digesting and furiously generating the components for their next hit.

The fundamentals of the game are done and so the main focus at the moment is creating objects. No doubt tomorrow will involve furiously tying all these together and adding the last spit and polish to make their creation into a user serviceable barrel of fun.

The good news is the team is working well together and no giant fights have broken out, apart from SVN commits being frustratingly slow over a non-NBN connection.

Personally I am excited about the concept. Like party golf I can tell this is going to be another fun and very shouty team game.

Signing out,


How do I make this internety thing do the posting?..